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LexLin Gypsy Horse Ranch offers fine Gypsy Vanner stallions. Whether you're looking for your first horse or wanting to add a valued new Gypsy horse to your family or breeding operation we'll spend the time helping your find the perfect match. All Gypsy Horses for sale come with our genuine buy back guarantee, all DNA information, affordable shipping within the US and insurance coverage thru delivery!

Photo taken 5/1/2011
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"Thank you for working with us so that we were able to get such a high quality Gypsy boy." -Robin, CO

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    What is a Gypsy Gift Sponsor & Who Can be a Sponsor?Thanks for the incredible response we’ve had so far regarding Gypsy GiftTM with 31 program nominations since we launched the program 5 days ago! To date we have received two sponsorship applications.  One of the two sponsor applicants was unclear about what they would be providing to Gypsy Gift as...
    Gypsy Gift – Get Involved in an Exciting Way to Give Back to Your CommunityGypsy Gift™ has been in the planning phase for quite some time. We’re excited to roll out a new program on Valentine’s Day 2014 to match LexLin Gypsy Horses with sponsors to raise and train them for future career placement with non-profit organizations as Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies (EAAT) horses....
    Gypsy Cob Foals of Unique ColorMany of our 2013 Gypsy Cob foals exhibit a wide range of beautiful and somewhat uncommon colors within the breed.  Some exhibit colors and patterns that are considered rare and special within the horseworld. If you are wondering what colors such as Maximum Sabino, Palomino Pearl, Smoky Black Appaloosa, etc....
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