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Testimonials from Clients Who’ve Purchased our Horses

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Update: We are SO enjoying Adeline! Great customer service, wonderful horses. —————– Amy and Jessica were both very quick to answer and helpful in choosing out a horse for me! Thank you so much! We can’t wait to meet Adeline. Blessings, Alisha




I’m so in love with my gypsy girl Lady Arilanna by Silver out of Keela. She’s taken to the trails like fish to water. What is better than raising your own foal…I mean really! – Jennifer Rose





I am just so in love with this colt…Can’t believe sometimes he is in my pasture after 3yrs of waiting! Can’t thank Shannon and LexLin Gypsy Ranch enough for this amazing dream!! – Jennifer Rose
Thankyou for Lexlin Morpheus!! He is so laid back i.never seen a colt so calm!! More pics to come!! – Erin Ronnie Olivia
I LOVE my Lexlin gelding! BEST horse ever! – Deborah Dowland Enos
First ride on Lexlin’s Heavy Metal today! Best boy ever! Deborah Dowland Enos





I want to thank you for my Tap he is so adorable, and his sire is OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!! Holy cow he is AMAZING!!! Tap is going to look just like his daddy!! I have 2 new favs besides Bartender and that’s Thomas Bay and The Warden!! So thankful for Jessica showing me everyone. Thank you so much. Horses looked wonderful, very much cared for and loved!! Thank you!!! – Shelley Gains
Good morning to you’ll and all those beautiful horses! I received your beautiful Christmas card, thank you so much. I have meant to get on and tell you’ll Merry Christmas, I have no excuses, just rushed and forgetful, LOL. I am wishing you’ll a Very Happy New Year! Bullet is doing great, we have had so much rain that I have not been able to get any good pictures to send to you – but I will as soon as weather breaks, we have another full weekend of rain forcast, GRRR! He is growing and is getting ALOT of hair. I love him very much. Thank you for making this possible for me! – Margie Buchanan
Smoky Mountain Bullet - TestimonialMy beautiful “Lexlin Smokey Mountain Bullet” of LexLin Gypsy Ranch is 10 months old and get more beautiful everyday. He still has alot of winter / baby hair, can’t wait to get him all shed out and see his true colors! What a joy he is to me!!!! And a big thank you to Gypsy River Valley Ranch and Lexlin Gypsy Ranch! – Margie Buchanan




I wanted to share some new pictures of Seren. I am amazed by her everyday. She is coming up so beautifully. Thank you for the opportunity to have this wonderful girl in our lives. – Shannon Calkins
Several years ago LexLin Gypsy Ranch made what seemed like an impossible dream come true by allowing me to bring Seren of Lexlin into my life. My first gypsy ever…my life was never the same. She is my angel girl and she was the launching point for my dream of starting my own gypsy horse ranch. Thank you so much Lexlin. I am forever grateful. – Shannon Calkins



Seren is home and settled and doing wonderfully. She is an angel – really, a step above…Thank you Mechelle and Eric for the opportunity to make a dream come true ūüôā – Shannon Calkins
Happy New Year LexLin! Thank you for my wonderful Breena girl Love her to pieces!!!! – Cheyenne Kehoe (pic)





Our babies are wonderful.They are the sweetest babies.No matter where they are in the pasture,when someone comes to the barn ,so do they.They so love people.Especially JCB.If you can’t find my girls they are in the barn brushing there horses.Thanks so much for these wonderful babies.Now if mine will ever get here,come on May! – Wanda Griffith
Thank you Mechelle and Eric for the gift of be able to own Memorial of Lexlin & Lexlin Isadore. Word cant tell you how blessed I feel to be able to have them in my life and without your farm I would not have the two angels in my life. I look forward to see you two again and to be able to share the joy with you that you have brought in to my life. – Angela Barbour
Just want to stop in and say how well Monty and Izzy are doing. Monty is doing amazing understand and is one of the best thing that could of happen to me. We love him to death. Izzy is amazing little great and she will remind you every day that she is queen bee of the stable ūüôā We can wait for this show season. Thank you so much for allowing used to own these horses. I look forward to doing more business with you ūüôā – Angela Barbour
fancy testimonialLexLin Gypsy Ranch, I wanted to share this photo of our Fancy Girl. She is really growing up and just a gorgeous gorgeous girl. I loved her from Day 1 and we are so proud to have here be part of our ranch.. – Shannon Calkins




I just want to take the time to Thank two very important people in my life that allowed me to have my dream come true and i dont know how else to say Thankyou and for also lostening to my story on our situation . Love u guy and you truly are wonderful people and i hope to meet yall one day.!! Thankyou for Morpheus!!! We truly love and enjoy him very much as he follows us everyday. Thankyou alot Shannon Calkins and Mechelle Barton!! – Erin Olivia
Just wanted to let you know that Willow is doing great! Her hair is going to be crazy… she already has amazing feather and her mane seems to be getting longer every day. She is such a sweet girl. ūüôā – Georgia Lee

LexLin’s Zena

 Hello everyone! Just wanted to say how much I fall in love with my gypsy from lexlin every day and love educating everyone on the breed and history. Zena is growing and maturing very nicely and I look forward to showing her this summer in as many gypsy shows as possible! Thank you again for such blessed and well bred horses!

Jillian Randol 


Hard Rock and Producer’s Charm

Hey Mechelle,

Hard Rock is doing great!! He has turned out to be such a sweet little man.. LOL. I really hope he stays that way! We have really enjoyed both Hard Rock and Jasmine! They sure have helped me in healing from losing Gurley!

My mom, a good friend of mine and myself went riding around the farm Sunday evening and Jasmine did great! I wish you guys could come see them sometime! Hope all is well your way & talk to ya soon.



Marie Р Gypsy Vanner filly sold to California

Hi Mechele!¬†Thank you for your sweet card. I am having so much fun with Marie (Finnian).¬† I just got her new driving harness today! She’s been using my Fjord pony’s but its black & I wanted brown to match her plus this new one fits her perfectly… just tried it on her in the stall cuz its raining. I love her SO much! She’s so sweet and calm and gets along great with all her barn mates.

Shes gone up in the hills by the Hollywood sign¬†twice and I ride her on the trails and arena. She goes English, Western and is so much fun bareback. I love just jumping on bareback with a halter and lead rope and walking around. Shes so good. She had fun when the arenas flooded… stomping in the puddles. Her mane and tail are growing and her mustache is growing back… shes like a little fairy. Her hair and feather is beautiful.¬†She loves driving. Shes too tiny for my big carriage so I got her this Governess Cart that was made in 1898 supposedly. I restored it and as soon as I get some pics of her in it, I’ll send them. Its just perfect for her!

I’m making a video of her doing all different disciplines… will finish it and send it too. I couldn’t have gotten a better Gypsy…she’s given me so much joy.

I will keep you updated! I gave her a big hug from you. :o)

God Bless,

Hunter & Finnian

Marie – Update

 Hi Eric & Mechelle!

Marie is WONDERFUL! She walked off the trailer so calm & kind & right into my arms. I’m in love with her & she’s even more than you said she would be. She moved right in next to my huge Belgian. My 27 inch mini Willow is on the other side of her & he whinnies for her if I take her out of the stall. It’s so cute that they’ve bonded so fast. I’ve walked her around the block & even though she was nervous she was so quiet & followed me. I let her stop & sniff things & then she would walk on so calmly. There’s a huge, scary tarp covering a big hay pile & she wasn’t about to go near it. Another tarp was flapping around on the ground like a monster. After a few minutes of petting her & letting her see that it wasnt going to eat us…she was walking confidently back & forth over it, crunching it up & she was all proud.

She had her first lesson on the lunge line & she trotted perfectly both directions. When you say “Whoa” she stops & looks sweetly at you as if to say, “I did that right didnt I & what do you want me to do next?” Her ground manners are great & she’s so polite. I gave her a bath today & she stood perfectly in the wash rack even with tons of rental horses passing over a squeaky, swinging bridge & people coming up to meet her.

All the kids in the neighborhood (the parents too!) have come to see her. One little girl Samantha saw her black eyeliner & said, “Oooh look! God gave her fairy eyes!” I’d never heard that but they do look like fairy eyes! Her mane, tail & feather are breathtaking. I cant stop grooming her it’s so fun. She didn’t even seem stressed by the trip. Even her poop looks good! LOL. I’m going to take my time with her & get her used to everything here. I live next to Disney Studios so I’m sure its a shock to go from looking at green pastures to gigantic Mickey Mouse ears on buildings!

Thank you for sending the pictures & the beautiful card. That’s so sweet. You guys have definitely made my Gypsy dream come true. I looked at a ton of Gypsy web sites, ads & visited breeders & wasn’t sure who to trust or who had integrity. You were so helpful from the first time I emailed you. Every question I asked you promptly answered. When I asked for more photos & video the next day you had that for me! ¬†I had never bought a horse without seeing it in person before. You gave me so much information about each horse & when I explained what I was looking for you knew exactly who would be a good match. This little filly is definitely the right Gypsy for me. Working with LexLin was such a good experience. If I could move to Tennessee I would want to work for you!

I will send you some pictures of Marie in her new place & keep you updated on her. I’m beyond happy with her. Feel free to use me as a reference if anyone who is thinking of buying from you needs to talk to a happy client. I will have her for the rest of her life & I couldn’t have dreamed a more perfect representation of the Gypsy breed. She is everyone’s favorite horse!

Thank you so much!

Hunter Austin 

Marie –¬†Update Jan. 24, 2013

 Hi Mechelle!

Thank you for your card awhile back. I’ve been meaning to send you updates on Marie/Finnian. She is pure JOY. I ride her every day & she is just the sweetest most easygoing girl.¬† Here are a few pics from our trail ride yesterday in the mountains by the Hollywood sign. And a few are from today when we got back from a ride. It was raining most of today so my neighbor & I went for a quick bareback ride when it got sunny. Finnian gets along with every horse I ride with. We are getting ready to show¬†Feb 3rd. Just going in English walk/trot & maybe Hunter Hack with one small jump.
Thank you so much for such a gift. She has given me my confidence back to be able to ride. She takes great care of me. I hope you & your family are great & all your beautiful Gypsies!
Love, Hunter & Finnian (Marie) 


Hello Mechelle!

Alexis is¬†doing great!¬† We absolutely love her.¬† I will get¬†you some pics hopefully soon.¬† It has been a terrible spring here, very dark rainy and dreary¬†every day.¬† Not exactly ideal picture taking weather!¬† I¬†did see online that you purchased Sundance Kid, and I wanted to¬†say congratulations!¬† I have to say, you do have a VERY nice lineup of stallions!¬†¬†It will be very hard to choose who I would like to breed Alexis back to next spring!¬† Although I am kinda partial to The¬†Producer! ; )¬† I will have to talk to you in the future about your opinion on a stallion choice for her free breeding.¬† We are very excited for her foal this August and have great plans for both her and the foal.¬† I know that you love your horses, but you treat your farm as a business.¬† I feel the same way about my horses and my farm.¬†¬†My years in the Florida¬†Thoroughbred business have taught me to expect a little more out of my horses than just as expensive pets.¬† We are attempting to establish ourselves as a small Friesian and Gypsy breeding farm (no crosses though!) with extremely well bred and well taken care of horses with manners and training to spare.¬† Alexis is the first building block on the Gypsy side of things, so she holds a very special place on¬†our farm!¬† Hopefully this is the start of something very exciting¬†and hopefully successful for us!¬† I also wanted to say that as a horse farm “businessowner” that I go through some of the same criticism, finger pointing, and accusations that I know unreasonable individuals also throw your way.¬† There is nothing wrong with what we believe or what we are doing and the people who like to cause trouble are just that, troublemakers!!¬† I wish you all the luck in your endeavors with Lexlin, and I hope we can build a strong relationship between our farms!!

Please keep in touch!


Strawberry Shortcake (A.K.A. Razzles)

Hi Eric & Mechelle – We took Taylor and Jenna to the National Gypsy Show in Bowling Green with Lilly and Razzy.¬† This was Razzy’s 1st show EVER and she really did great.¬† We had a rocky start in the color class.¬† She got nervous with so many horses in the ring, but once we got past that class, she did FABULOUS in the¬†showmanship, halter & trail class¬†and did everything Jenna asked her to do, including a very impressive 90 degree turn, trotting through barrels, over logs and getting mail out of the mailbox.¬† Razzy is very intelligent and is doing extremely well with her training.¬† Jenna actually¬† brought her INSIDE the house the other day!!!¬†:0¬†She will follow Jenna ANYWHERE!¬† Jenna is really anxious to get her under saddle and get her going on the trail.¬† Thank you again for giving us the opportunity to add her to our family!

Thank you very much and God bless!


Chris Thompson Liberty Hill Farm

Heavy Metal

¬†Hi Eric and Mechelle, thank you again for bringing Heavy Metal to us¬†today. ¬†We enjoyed meeting you and your sons. ¬†Heavy Metal is so calm and¬†gentle! ¬†The kids (and 1 neighbor kid too) just groomed him. ¬†Not many¬†young horses would tolerate so many little hands and he was a perfect¬†gentleman. ¬†I am just beaming over here. ¬†ūüôā ¬†He and Teddy are doing¬†great. ¬†I am pinching myself, LOL! ¬†He’s REALLY here! ¬†We are thrilled!!

I hope you all got back home safely.

Blessings, Deborah 



Lady Warlock Р Gypsy Vanner filly

¬†Just thought we would let you know how spoiled¬†lady¬†Warlock¬†is — we love her so much.






Lady Warlock (Gypsy Vanner filly), Goya (Gypsy Vanner mare) and Blue Steele (Gypsy Vanner gelding)

Andrea Townsend is a client who was so happy with her purchase of her filly, Lady Warlock, she returned to LexLin to purchase two more Gypsy Horses, a striking dapple grey gelding named Blue Steel and a mare named Goya that is in foal to Dreammaker. Andrea describes her experience at LexLin, 

Eric and Mechelle have been wonderful to work with. Gunny has been amazing, too, helping us pick out the right horses for our family and making sure they met our needs. Lady Warlock was seven months old when she came to us and she is so loving and gentle, she will actually lay with her head in your lap. Blue was so well trained, we took him to a show the day he was delivered to us and he won five ribbons. I’m also very excited about our future with Goya and her foal. I’ve had Quarter Horses and Tennessee Walking Horses and they are loving, too, but nothing like the Gypsies in temperament. These horses bond easily with their owners. Beyond that, the follow up from LexLin has been great. Gunny calls us and checks on how things are going and we get emails from Eric and Mechelle thanking us for our purchase. The documentation on the horses is also wonderful and our vet was really impressed.

Opal and Shadow Dancer

 I cannot tell you how happy I am with the two girls, Eric’s Shadow and the Black Opal and now Shadow Dancer. The LexLin reputation is impeccable.  LexLin is a class act and will be hard for any other ranch to match. Our vet was impressed with the health records, DNA testing on the horses etc. all of which made her job easy. The staff was helpful and courteous  and the premises was gorgeous.( Can’t wait to visit again). The Barton’s , Eric, Michelle and the kids always  have the best interest of the horses in mind. They live and breathe for the horses.

The  follow-up of the horses and clients is commendable. The LexLin branding is an international standard for gypsy horses.

РAnn Mead 

LexLin’s Halo – ¬†Gypsy Vanner filly sold to Rhode Island

Hi Eric & Mechelle,

Inspite of a brutal winter here in Rhode Island. Halo is thriving and seems very happy! She is best friends with Buttons the pony. She is a great filly & I enjoy working with her everyday. I hope you both enjoy the pictures. I will keep in touch & let you know all about her. Thanks again for helping make my dream come true – I really love Halo. She greets me every night as soon as I am home from work.

Best to you all,

– Cheryl Macomber Bailey

Halo –¬†Update

A really wonderful beautiful Gypsy from Lexlin – love her to pieces! Sweetest animal ever – her trainer does not want to give her back to me!! Thank Eric and Mechelle – Halo’s all grown up from when I got her at 7 months!


Stoney, Duncan (Gypsy Vanner geldings), Suprise (Gypsy Vanner mare) and her unborn filly sold to Colorado

We looked high and low for quality Gypsy Horses, including outside the United States! We are delighted with our purchase of our four Gypsies and just as impressed with the service we received from Eric, Mechelle and John. The beautiful horses were delivered promptly and in great condition! Please use us as a reference.

– Steven Lafferty & Family





Below is one of several recent follow up e-mails we’ve received from Kelly Lafferty.

Hello Mechelle,

Thought you might like some photos of the horses playing in the snow. They had so much fun today. We finally had a real snow. They are all so sweet. Surprise seems to be rather tired and she is getting BIG! Would love to talk to you this week with some questions concerning the impending birth….

Blessings, Kelly




Charm (Jasmine) Р Gypsy Vanner filly

 Photos of charm in her new home with her new buddies. She enjoys checking out the tack room for treats.