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LexLin Gypsy Ranch is excited to introduce our 11th and final year of an exciting program called Gypsy Gift™.  This year we are donating saddle and bridle packages that fit Gypsy Horses as well as a horse trailer, driving cart and other horse related items that will be announced in the coming days on our LexLin Gypsy Ranch facebook page.  All equine therapy centers are welcome to join in this year. We matched 141 LexLin Gypsy Horses with Path premiere accredited EAAT centers, member centers and other therapy programs across the US since 2009.

Vote for your favorite Equine Therapy Center
to Win one of our  Final Gypsy Gifts:
Saddle Packages, Horse Trailer, Driving Cart & More!

Read about our 2018 Gypsy Gift donations here!


LexLin Gives Back – 3 Part Series featuring LexLin’s Gypsy Gift Program by Lindie, Lexi, and Cody

LexLin Gives Back is a three-part blog series that tells the story of LexLin’s Gypsy Gift donation campaign through the eyes of the children of the LexLin Gypsy Ranch owner. From all of us at LexLin Gypsy Ranch, we hope that you enjoy this unique perspective from LexLin’s next generation.

Part 1: Living The Dream | Part 2: Sharing The Dream | Part 3: Understanding The Dream

Read the full Gypsy Gift™ announcement (posted in 2014)

Gypsy Gift 2019: Important Dates & Information

NOMINATIONS: We are accepting nominations for all Equine Therapy Centers interested in receiving saddle and bridle packages that will fit Gypsy Horses, A Horse Trailer, Driving Cart & More! Gypsy Gift™ nominations will be accepted from July 17, 2019 through 12 pm EST August 14, 2019. Nominations close at 12 pm EST August 14, 2019.

VOTING: Daily voting (once every 24 hour period) will begin on LexLin Gypsy Ranch’s Facebook fan page starting August 15, 2019 at 12 pm EST and run through 12 pm EST on Sept 15, 2019. The 501c3 status of all programs in the voting phase will be verified.

WINNERS: The top 17 Equine Therapy Centers with the most votes will be announced at 12 pm (noon) EST on September 16, 2019. We will be in touch with the winning centers on September 16, 2019 to work with them in selecting their Gypsy Gift package consisting of either a saddle, saddle pad, and bridle, other horse related tack and/or supplies, a horse trailer, or a driving cart.  The top 17 Equine Therapy centers will be selected to enter the 11th and Final Gypsy Gift™ drawing in the order of most to least votes to select a gift package for their program. Selection will be finalized no later than October 3, 2019 with formal LexLin website  blog and facebook announcements of each center’s selected package on October, 4 2019. Pick up times and locations will be announced. Winning centers must pick up their gift package from Maryville, TN by October 31, 2019 or arrange and pay for shipping on the packages they have won.  These 17 centers will be selected via the following guidelines:

  • The top 17 nominated centers with the most fan “likes” on LexLin Gypsy Ranch’s facebook page will be able to select their Gypsy Gift package in the order of most to least votes received with the center receiving the most votes making the first Gypsy Gift package selection.
  • The centers must be 501c3 non profit Equine Therapy centers.

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