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Gypsy Vanner FAQ:

Is the Gypsy Vanner the same as the Gypsy Cob, Irish Cob, Irish Tinker, or the Drum Horse?

The Gypsy Vanner Horse is the first name used by Americans for the horse.  Generally, in the US, Gypsy Horse, Gypsy Cob and Gypsy Vanner all refer to the same horse.  They are sometimes called Irish Cob or Irish Tinker in Europe.  It should be noted that not all horses raised by gypsies are selectively bred or part of the breed.  They also breed trotter horses and horses for the European meat market.  Although those would be gypsy horses as they are owned by gypsies, they are not part of the breed we call the Gypsy Vanner. The Drum Horse is not a Gypsy Vanner or Gypsy Horse; it is generally a cross between a Gypsy Horse and a Shire or Clydesdale.

Is the Gypsy Vanner Horse a registered breed?

Yes. The first registry is called the Gypsy Vanner Horse Society, which was originally founded by Dennis and Cindy Thompson. It is now run by a Board of Directors. The registry is currently open to any horse that meets the seven points of conformation. There are other registries which will hopefully be combined into one for the good of the breed sometime in the near future.

On your billboard it says you have a “Buy Back Guarantee.” What are the details of your Buy Back Guarantee?

You can view the details of our “Buy Back Guarantee” under Contracts and Policies under LexLin Gypsy Ranch Sales Agreement on our website. We plan to breed the gypsy horse for years to come.  As such, it is of most importance that our customers and clients are satisfied with the horses they purchase from LexLin Gypsy Ranch.

Do you have color testing on all your Gypsy Vanner stallions?

Yes, we color test our Gypsy stallions, and we are in the process of color testing select broodmares, colts, and fillies.

Why are you collecting DNA on all your Gypsy horses?

There are many reasons to collect DNA on our Gypsy horses. There are many challenges from both breeders and individuals on verifying the breeding of some Gypsies. So we are committed to DNA every horse we own within 30 days of its arrival to our farm. We feel strongly that this is essential to the future of the breed.

Why did you import so many Gypsy Vanner horses?

Although there are wonderful horses in the United States, we also realize there are several highly sought-after bloodlines in the United Kingdom and Europe.The importation fees and transportation costs can be significant for obtaining great stallions and mares from overseas.  The LexLin vision is to establish a breeding program here in the United States that produces and offers top Gypsy Vanner foals to our clients without the high costs of importation.

What can a Gypsy Vanner do?

The Gypsy Vanner was bred by the Gypsies to pull their caravans, so they excel at driving.  They are also good for dressage, pleasure riding, children’s mounts, low jumping, and have even been used on occasion for cutting cattle.

Why did you purchase these particular Gypsy Vanner horses?

We wanted to buy the best Gypsy Vanner breeding stock we could afford and bring them to the US. After researching, traveling, and many discussions, we decided on the horses we now have at LexLin Gypsy Ranch.

What kind of temperament does the Gypsy Vanner have?

Gypsy Vanners are extremely gentle.  These horses were bred by the Gypsies only partially for looks  the other part was for gentleness.  Gypsy children are often found crawling over and around the Gypsy Vanners.

How big is the Gypsy Vanner Horse?

The average height of a Gypsy Vanner is 14.2, but they range anywhere from 12.2 to 16 hh. They usually weigh between 1,100 to 1,700 pounds.

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