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International Gypsy Vanner Horse Breeders

International Gypsy Horse Breeders Around the World

(Only some breeders in Wales and England are highlighted so far – watch for highlights on other international breeders in the near future.)

Gypsy Horses are known and perform around the world. From their origins with the Romany people in Wales and the surrounding British Isles to the United States, they are also found in Australia, Belgium, Canada Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Latin America, Netherlands, New Zealand, Scotland, Sweden and beyond.

Some of the well known and respected International Gypsy Horse breeders admired by the staff here at LexLin Gypsy Vanner Horses are:

England: Michael Vine of Vines Gypsy Horses –  The Vines are a traditional Romany Gypsy family with over 60 years of breeding Gypsy Horses in South East England. Their horses are highly sought after and have been exported around the world. When looking at what the Gypsy Horse has become today the Vines have played a vital roll in developing the breed.

Some of their Gypsy stallions include: Lloyds, Oak Leaf, Platinum, Moses, Splash, Old Red and Diamond.

England: Steve Down of SD Farm –  The Down’s Romany history goes back 300 years. They strive to breed traditional Gypsy Cobs that are true to type with thick bone, loaded silky feathers, small sweet heads, small pricked ears, good high tail set, etc. They have ventured into a partnership with West River Gypsy Horse Farm in the US under the name SD West Farm. Some of the Down stallions will be based in the United States while others will remain in the UK. The Downs desire to share their wealth of experience and quality Gypsy horses with those in the US and around the world.

Some of the stallions listed on their website include: S.D Tyson, S.D Woolly Mammoth, S.D. JACK, S.D. 007.

Wales: Tom Price of Welsh Gypsy Horses – Tom Price’s family has bred and raised Gypsy Horses for 5 generations with the goal through out to breed the best Gypsy Horses. Swynmore Stables manages a  Gypsy Horse heard of approximately 1,500 horses. Tom finds success in helping many customers in America, Canada, New Zealand and Latin America. Tom Price is partnered with Gypsy horse breeder,West Hill Ranches in upstate New York.

He has quite a line up of well known Gypsy Horse stallions within the breed: The Old Horse, Billy the Kid, Superior, Thomas’ Bay, Blue Bobbi, Son of Lloyd, Apache, Fortune Stallion, Natwest, Diamond Cutter, Prime Time, Viking, Simon, Blue Billy Boy, The God Father, Bullseye, Comanche and Bob the Blagdon.

England: James Taylor Gypsy Horses Brackenhill Stables is located in Durham England is another Gypsy Horse breeder striving to raise the finest Gypsy Cob type horses. He is recognized internationally for his expertise in proper cob type conformation and breeding.

James Taylor is also a well known Gypsy artist. Along with drawing and painting Gypsy Cobs he also draws, constructs and paints Gypsy Horse waggons as well as produces and paints fine Gypsy Horse China.

England: Clononeen Farm Formerly located in Ireland, Clononeen Farm is now based in Farnham, Surrey. These well known gypsy horse breeders strive to provide the best stock with straight forward information. They present the horses honestly to clients and let clients decide from there if a particular gypsy horse will suit their own needs and goals. Their philosophy sums up some impressive dedication to the Gypsy Horse breed: ” We only win if you do.” They have a strong belief in DNA testing and are excited that it will help make it increasingly difficult for unscrupulous breeders to take advantage of the lack of written records by Gypsies and Travelers in the past.

Clononeen’s fine Gypsy stallions include: Clononeen Hustler, Clononeen Darrig, Clononeen Double Tumble, Clononeen Wren Boy and  Clononeen Tumbleweed.

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