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Our Gypsy Horse Ranch and Breeding Managers

LexLin Gypsy Ranch is excited to announce that Gunny (Dick) and Liz Edder have joined our Gypsy Horse Team as our Ranch and Breeding Managers!

Dick was born July 20, 1941 in Clarion, PA to Amish family. He started driving horses at age 8. He farmed and logged with all breeds of draft horses till he took off in 1958 and joined the United States Marine Corps where there was a use his horse skills in the Corps and retired in 1979.

After that he moved up to Colorado and started an Outfitting business.  He had a string of 75 horses and 4 teams of Belgians for sleigh rides in Telluride, CO.  In 1988 he moved to Colorado Springs, CO to ranch and be closer to his “sport” of Draft Horse Pulling.  While there Dick ran and operated 18,000 acres for cattle and horses. In 1999 he met and married Liz and cared for over 100 horses on their ranch.  The Edders trained, bred and boarded horses.

In 2002 they became connected with a Gypsy Vanner ranch and started transporting their horses from New York to Colorado and on to their buyers.  They have hauled and handled over 3,500 Gypsy Vanner Horses over the past 8 years and will readily exclaim that there is no finer breed of horse.  Dick and Liz have come to LexLin because “we love this breed of horse  -The Gypsy”, said Liz.

As Ranch Manager Dick believes he can bring his 60 years of horse experience in managing the ranch so the Gypsy horses will flourish here in Tennessee.  “Having my wife Liz as LexLin’s Gypsy Breeding Manager helps keep me on the right side of the program as we will strive to produce and breed the finest Gypsy Vanners in the USA  God Bless America.  Come by and visit any time the porch light is always on.  Hope to see you! “~ Gunny and Liz Edder

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  1. Roger Baty
    October 27, 2010, 1:02 am   / 

    There is no better Marine than Gunny…..and his wonderful wife Liz….Semper Fi, Roger and Terry Baty

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