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Gypsy Vanner Training to be Therapy Horse at STAR

At LexLin Gypsy Ranch we firmly believe in supporting those in need. We have a special place in our hearts for children and adults with disabilities and other special challenges. Horses have long been proven successful matches in helping people overcome difficulties, learn valuable life skills and find joy in life.

LexLin gave one of our Gypsy Vanner geldings, Timone,  to Shangri-La Therapeutic Academy of Riding (STAR) as  their first Gypsy Vanner therapy horse!

STAR says that Timone will be a wonderful addition to their therapeutic riding program. While he is just starting his training, he has shown that he has the calm temperament, size and curiosity needed to become a successful therapy horse.

Below are some comments from STAR’s Executive Director Lynn Petr regarding Timone:

“Timone is being introduced to some of our toys. He will go through a full course of acclimation with all our unusual toys and appliances (such as wheel chairs, crutches, lift, etc) before he is used with any of our riders.

He is a real gem though, and is as easy to work with as most accomplished trail horses. We love that he is curious about everything rather than being afraid. An attitude like that goes a long way in the making of a therapy mount. He has a nice forward walk yet is easy to keep up with for side walkers and his size makes him perfect for carrying larger individuals without putting them too far off the ground. We are very excited to add Timone to our herd of four-legged therapists!”

Watch for more updates on Timone in the coming months as he becomes a (if not the first) Gypsy Vanner therapy horse in Tennessee!

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