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LexLin Announces Largest Gypsy Gift Donation to Date

58 Gypsy Vanners Gifted in 2018

LexLin Gypsy Ranch is pleased to announce its largest donation to date, donating 58 Gypsy Vanner horses through its philanthropic program Gypsy Gift in 2018.

In 2017, LexLin donated 20 horses. LexLin previously donated 10 Gypsy Gift horses each year.

“The Gypsy Vanner displays the perfect disposition for therapy purposes. These horses are the support that the grieving widow, hurting veteran and disabled child need to dramatically change their lives for the better,” LexLin President and CEO Dr. Eric W. Barton said. “The impact these horses will make is going to be tremendous. I look forward to hearing about our horses’ milestones and support to those in need over the next several decades.”

Since 2009, LexLin Gypsy Ranch has matched 140 LexLin Gypsy Vanner horses with Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH Int.) accredited equine therapy centers coast to coast.

LexLin expects these 140 horses to facilitate more than 179,775 therapy sessions each year. Over the course of these horses’ lives in therapy, they will impact over 3.5 million potential lives.

Since receiving their first Gypsy Gift in 2015, Kemmerer Village in Illinois has been able to expand its therapeutic riding program. Many of their equine activities initially were unmounted due to a herd built on retired horses with horse challenges.

Kemmerer Village has received six Gypsy Vanners that have since been introduced into their program. The introduction of the LexLin Gypsy Vanner breed not only helped Kemmerer Village to grow, but also taught children in their program many valuable life lessons.

“Many of our children come from complex families with complex challenges. Our Gypsy herd/family shows the children that this complexity can be a strength when the relationships are built on a foundation of trust,” Kemmerer Village Equine Therapist Amber Miller said. “Our children are able to discuss family dynamics in therapy through the Gypsy horse family and often ask their families to come meet the Gypsies too. They learn how positive relationships are foundational to success. They witness how trust is earned and experience the complicated process of giving and gaining trust with the horses as well as with the children from the community who come to ride.

“We have seen the self-esteem of our children grow significantly when they are given the chance to assist others and work to instill in them the knowledge that giving is as fulfilling as receiving,” she added. “That has been our experience and we pray that LexLin shares that experience and is as blessed by the multitude of gifts that they have given us as we are by receiving them.”

New this year, each nominated PATH-accredited nonprofit were equally given an opportunity to select a Gypsy for therapy use at their facility. In previous years, members of the public voted online for their favorite among the nominated PATH-accredited centers around the country. The top centers earning the most votes determined the winners.

“While we all enjoy the anticipation that comes with the annual Facebook voting period, this year I wanted to ensure that all qualified centers could receive a horse,” Barton said. “The assistance that these centers – no matter how small the facility – provide to their community is so wonderful.”

LexLin’s motto is “Live the Dream.” We are so honored to be a small part of so many therapy programs nationwide so that they too can “Live the Dream.”