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Twenty 2017 Gypsy Gift Centers Announced

Congratulations to the Top Twenty PATH International Premier Accredited and Center Member Gypsy Gift Centers based on fan votes for 2017! It has been an impressive 62 days of voting with 364,458 votes cast for 78 centers and the first place center, TLC Riding Academy received over 30,000 votes!

Here are the top 20 centers by place, # of votes, center name and their state.

1 30,770 TLC Riding Academy TN
2 26,272 GAIT Therapeutic Riding Center PA
3 25,913 Inspire Equine Therapy Program FL
4 23,066 McCormick Research Institute FL
5 17,824 Equines Assisting Special Individuals AL
6 15,560 Special Equestrians, Inc. – Alabama AL
7 15,442 Kemmerer Village IL
8 15,301 Loving Thunder Therapeutic Riding Center, Inc. NM
9 13,756 Faith Equestrian Therapeutic Center, Inc. GA
10 12,815 C.H.U.M. Therapeutic Riding, Inc. MI
11 12,177 Northwest Therapeutic Riding Center WA
12 12,003 Hands & Hearts for Horses, Inc. GA
13 11,790 Nature’s Edge Therapy Center WI
14 11,182 REINS – CA CA
15 10,960 Kids & Horses, Inc. NV
16 10,622 Rising Stars Therapeutic Riding Center ID
17 10,110 Texas Tech Therapeutic Riding Center TX
18 9,558 TREE House of Greater St. Louis MO
19 9,143 Ivy Hill Therapeutic Equestrian Center PA
20 9,086 Nevada Equine Assisted Therapy NV

We will be in touch with the winning centers via e-mail this afternoon with more details on horse selection, etc. We will be updating more of the Gypsy Gift Horses photos on the website today as well.

Everyone is welcome to attend out Gypsy Gift Passing of the Lead Ceremony and Open House on July 22, 2017 here at LexLin Gypsy Ranch in Rockwood, TN. Doors open at 11 am and the Gypsy Gift Passing of the Lead Ceremony begins at 2 pm EST. Please RSVP today.

Thanks for making Gypsy Gift 2017 great!!!!

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