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Jenny of LexLin Making Strides in Therapy Center Work After LexLin Gypsy Gift Donation

With the donation of 45 Gypsy Vanner horses over the past three years as part of the LexLin Gypsy Gift program, LexLin Gypsy Ranch has seen these horses affect 169,000 lives on average per year or 3.4 million lives, not including their families, loved ones and friends, over the next two decades.

Each horse’s impact is unique, but LexLin is honored to share updates on their Gypsy Vanners’ positive impact in PATH International Premier Accredited therapy centers across the U.S.

Indiana-based Reins of Life Inc. Therapeutic Riding Center was awarded Jenny of LexLin in the 2015 Gypsy Gift program. Since arriving at the therapy center, Jenny has completed training to become a therapeutic riding horse.

“Reins of Life received a grant from St. Joseph Community Foundation to pay for training Jenny. She was sent to Elizabeth Grainger, owner/trainer of Grainger Dressage in South Bend, IN for three months of professional training,” Reins of Life Instructor Holly Byers said. “Once she was back home, she received another three months of in-house training with Elizabeth and the instructors at Reins of Life.

“While it was a big task for a therapeutic riding center to take on a horse that wasn’t trained to ride, many involved with her will agree that she was one of the most trainable horses they have worked with,” she added. “She is so incredibly smart and willing to please.”

Jenny was introduced to the Reins of Life herd with her very own jubilee; complete with pink princess tiara cakes, a blessing of the herd and a demonstration of Jenny’s abilities to an audience of close to 100 people.

“It was her very first public performance and she acted like a seasoned pro. Everyone involved with Reins of Life quickly fell in love with her,” Byers said.

Jenny began working with students in the spring of 2016, and she now participates in 3-4 lessons a week and continues to work with the instructors to continue developing her skills.

“She is quickly showing that her specialty lies with some of our youngest students. They love to play soccer on her,” Byers said. “Thank you again for this wonderful mare. She is my princess and I adore her.”