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Top 10 2016 Gypsy Gift Horse Winning Centers

Wow!!! So much amazing support has been shown by all of our Gypsy Gift centers and amazing supporters! We can’t thank each and every one of you enough for giving your love, compassion, time and energy to help others through Equine Therapy! Equine Therapy is very important and extremely special to us here at LexLin Gypsy Ranch.
LexLin Gypsy Ranch Gypsy Gift -Top 10 2016It has been such an exciting race to the end with placement between centers placing 3-11 varying wildly with some centers receiving as many as 1,000 votes in a single day! 33 Gypsy Gift centers received a total of 171,675 combined votes in less than 2 months of voting!
Here are the top 10 2016 Gypsy Gift centers who will receive a Gypsy Gift Horse:
1 – 16,683 Votes ~ DreamPower Horsemanship
2 – 15,135 Votes ~ Heartland Equine Therapeutic Riding Academy
3 – 14,744 Votes ~ Winslow Therapeutic Riding Center
4 – 14,472 Votes ~ Montgomery Area Non-traditional
5 – 13,524 Votes ~ Equul Acess, Inc.
6 – 13,470 Votes ~ Freedom Horse Farm LLC.
7 – 13,468 Votes ~ Horsepower Therapeutic Learning Center
8 – 13,319 Votes ~ Victory Therapy Center
9 – 13,188 Votes ~ Jacob’s Ladder Therapeutic Riding Center, Inc.
10 – 13,161 Votes ~ Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center
We will be posting each of the winning 10 Gypsy Gift Center’s Gypsy Gift Horse selection on our facebook page in the order they finished over the next week or so as soon as their selections have been made official!
Thanks again for the overwhelming support that you all have shown to us here at LexLin Gypsy Ranch and these amazing equine therapy programs that truly make a difference in the lives of many! Your support will help them in the years to come with their new Gypsy Horses!
Please visit if you would like to find out more about LexLin Gypsy Ranch and our Gypsy Gift program.

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