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Vanquish Worldwide and LexLin Ranch Charitable Donations Exceed $6.8 Million, Expanding Support Nationwide to Organizations Assisting Veterans and Their Families

February 24, 2015 09:06 AM Eastern Standard Time

MARYVILLE, Tenn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, Vanquish Worldwide along with LexLin Ranch released its 2013 & 2014 Annual Charitable Contributions review, reporting $6.8 million in donations to nonprofit organizations across the globe.

Since Vanquish Worldwide has seen exponential growth from its successful government services and commercial transportation small business, Eric W. Barton, Vanquish and LexLin’s Owner/President/CEO, increased donations to $6.8 million over the last two years. Mr. Barton, a service disabled veteran owned small business owner, has focused the majority of donations on wounded warrior therapy programs, educational nonprofits, and charitable and conservation efforts in the Appalachian and Cumberland areas of Tennessee.

“The last two years have been a remarkable journey for us at Vanquish Worldwide,” said Mr. Barton. “As our contract revenue and transportation customer base has grown, we have been able to give back more to our community and to those who need assistance nationwide. Our goal is to keep the contributions growing each year as giving to those in need and investing in the future of our community is important to my family and our employees.”

Vanquish Worldwide and LexLin Ranch currently support more than 20 nonprofit organizations with ongoing contributions aimed to assist disabled veterans, their families, and the local East Tennessee community. One of their own charitable organizations, Gypsy Gift™, is expected to help hundreds of learning disabled children, adults and veterans over the next few years, and tens of thousands over the next decade through Gypsy Vanner horse donations to PATH accredited equine therapy centers across the U.S.

Eric W. Barton presenting 2014 donations to Smoky Mountain Service Dogs board members and volunteers on behalf of Vanquish Worldwide, LexLin Ranch & the Barton family.

Eric W. Barton presenting 2014 donations to Smoky Mountain Service Dogs board members and volunteers on behalf of Vanquish Worldwide, LexLin Ranch & the Barton family.

Similarly, over the last two years Vanquish and LexLin have become the largest donors to the Smoky Mountain Service Dogs organization, which has the mission of providing mobility assistance service dogs to disabled veterans, and in turn, significantly improving their quality of life.

“We are grateful for our strong partnership with Vanquish Worldwide and LexLin Ranch, and their continued support to assist us in providing service dogs to our wounded heroes. Together we are making a difference and improving the lives of those who have paid a huge price to defend our great nation,” said Mike Kitchens, Smoky Mountain Service Dogs Volunteer Chair.

In continued support for our veterans, Mr. Barton approached the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation in early 2014 to develop a permanently restricted endowment, and the Vanquish Worldwide Scholarship was created. Through this endowment, Vanquish provides need-based scholarships to children of Marines and Navy Corpsmen, most of which are the sons and daughters of those killed or wounded in combat.

USMC truck seal

Proud U.S. Marine Corps Scholarship Supporter

As a former marine and multi-degreed professional, Mr. Barton has a passion for those who protect this country and a passion for higher education and professional development. With the Marine Corps foundation centered on ‘Honoring Marines by Educating Their Children™’, this was a strong fit for Mr. Barton and his Vanquish Worldwide organization.

“As part of the Scholarship foundation, I am honored to join with other leaders to support our nation’s veterans and military families as they plan for their children’s education,” said Mr. Barton. “I believe our scholarship endowment and service dog training contributions will make a dramatic difference for the service members and their families who have given so much.”

In recognition of Barton’s ongoing philanthropic activities, he was awarded Humanitarian of the Year from the Domestic Estate Managers Association in September 2014 and awarded Philanthropist of the Year in November 2014 by the Blount Partnership of Tennessee, where Vanquish is headquartered.


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