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Interested in Purchasing a Horse from LexLin?

Gypsies 8-13-2014-5Here at LexLin we have an open door no pressure sales approach. Finding the right home for a horse is very important to us. We welcome visits from anyone who thinks they might like to purchase one of our Gypsy horses either now or in the future. You are welcome to visit as many times as you like and take your time deciding whether one of our horses is right for you and your family. All of our Gypsy horses come with at least basic handling skills. If they have an issue with something we’re very up front in letting you know what they’ll need work on. We provide genetic and color dna testing along with Gypsy Vanner Horse Society registration for every horse that we sell. Their complete health records will be sent with them so you can be assured that your horse’s health care stays up to date. Every horse that leaves our farm is sold with a 30 day buy back guarantee and we back everything 100%. We’ll try to honor the guarantee way beyond 30 days if for some reason you’re unable to keep the horse or they turn out to be the wrong fit for you. We do our best to ensure these horses go to fantastic homes. Buyers with good credit ratings are eligible to receive financing through our program with Light Stream.

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Fill out our pre-visit questionaire at or feel free to call the ranch directly with your interest via 865.245.8481 and schedule a visit.

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We are passionate about what we are doing here. We are an independent breeding operation, offer a 30-day buy back guarantee, and back everything 100 percent. Please feel free to contact us with questions any anytime. We love the breed and enjoy sharing Gypsy Horses