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What is a Gypsy Gift Sponsor & Who Can be a Sponsor?

Gypsy Gift - Sponsor a Gypsy HorseThanks for the incredible response we’ve had so far regarding Gypsy GiftTM with 31 program nominations since we launched the program 5 days ago! To date we have received two sponsorship applications.  One of the two sponsor applicants was unclear about what they would be providing to Gypsy Gift as they requested a broke Gypsy Horse to lease. Many of you may be wondering how the sponsorship aspect of the program integrates with the center nominations. The sponsorship aspect of Gypsy GiftTM is designed for sponsors to raise and train young Gypsy Horses for 2-3 years. The lease is set up so that the horse has a solid foundation of groundwork that will prepare them for training for riding and possibly driving once they’re mature enough. Their sponsorship agreement does not include breaking a horse to ride or drive as Gypsy Horses mature slowly and the sponsor may not have the skills or the desire to undergo saddle training. Once a horse has completed the 2-3 year sponsorship, the sponsor may opt to train the horse under saddle if they have the skills and are approved by LexLin Gypsy Ranch. Most often the horse will be sent to a professional trainer for 30-60 days under saddle before being donated to a PATH accredited center. Ideally centers will sponsor their own horses. This would enable the horse to live at the center amongst all of the daily activities that go on. This would enable center staff to have direct contact with the horse and be able to determine if the horse will be a good fit for their program. We aim for a 2-3 year lease to give sponsors a chance to bond and work with the young horse. Our hope is for centers to find the right horse but also have the ability to give it back if it does not fit their program. Another way to become a sponsor (but not be directly involved with the daily handling and care) is to arrange to pay an approved center for the care of the horse over the lease period. This would enable the horse to be cared for directly by the center without incurring additional expenses for the center before the horse is ready to enter their EAAT program. This may qualify as a charitable donation if made directly to the center. The Gypsy GiftTM lease that a sponsor signs waives liability for LexLin Gypsy Ranch. It also requires insurance on the horse and quarterly evaluations/pictures to ensure care is always paramount. How does a individual/center become a Gypsy Gift™ sponsor? Fill out an application to lease a Gypsy Gift™ horse for 2-3 years. If approved, you will then select a Gypsy Horse in the program and fill out a lease agreement. Sponsors may be centers, center board members, staff or others that want to participate in Gypsy Gift™.

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